The Link

The Link

I feel that I am the LINK  between my grandparents and great grandparents and my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I am the one who remembers Grandpa and Grandma Snyder and Grandpa and Grandma McCain.  My grandchildren will be able to read about them for generations to come because of the histories we have written about them.  This is also true of the histories we have written of my husband’s grandparents and great grandparents.  It is through us that they can come to know the generations which have preceded them.  And through the stories we tell them, they can feel the richness of their heritage.

The following poem is written about my husband but applies equally to both of us.  We are truly the links between our father’s fathers and our children’s children.

It is up to YOU to be the link in your own family.

  The Link

Van DeMille —  Linking the Generations

He remembers them –

The old folks then, in days past

When as a child,

He listened to their tales –

Stories of their childhoods,

Their grandfathers who knew the Prophet —

Somehow sensing

The beauty of their struggles,

The importance of their lives,

He lingered to hear of earlier times

And learn their pioneer ways

In those boyhood days.

He remembers them,

And during the years

His own sons were growing up,

He taught by word, and showed them

How their fathers before had lived.

Although his sons

Could never know those early pioneers,

They learned

Much about what they stood for,

Because they knew their father.

They learned the pioneer ways

In their own boyhood days.

He remembers them,

As he looks ahead –

Holding his own grandson –

To the time

When grandchildren will surround his chair.

He will tell them

Of their father’s fathers

And recount those stories of his youth

And those times of long ago,

Teaching them

The meaning of life,

The traditions,

The family ways

Lessons to guide their days.

He remembers –

He teaches –

The Link

Between the generations –

Those who gave their live

For the Gospel’s sake

In pioneer days,

And those who will.

He remembers –

He teaches –

The Link


His father’s fathers


His children’s children.

Written by Janice F. DeMille