About me

Dr. Janice DeMille was born in St.George Utah and graduated from Dixie College in 1967.  She Married Van DeMille of Hurricane Utah in 1966. She graduated from Southern Utah State College in 1971 with a bachelors degree in elementary education. Then later she earned another bachelors in communications. She earned a Phd in historical research and biblical studies from George Wythe College.

Dr. DeMille owned and operated a small publishing company for fifteen years. She authored and coauthored 82 books most of which were family histories, doing most of the original research.

In 1989 she was involved in an accident which resulted in a surgery to the brain that completely changed her busy life. She lost many of her abilities and she has spent her life since then trying to rehabilitate. During this time she learned to quilt on her lap while sitting in a recliner, has put together many scrap books for her grandchildren, and has steadily regained her health.

In the beginning of 2014 she decided to reprint a few of her books that have special significance to her. She has plans of writing more in the near future.